Welcome on the website from the kennel Thuvadog.

For the name of our kennel we searched some historybooks. We lived in Duiven until February 2009, there we started our kennel. Altough we live now in Loerbeek, our kennelname stays the same. The domicile Duiven belonged in the past to Germany. At that time the place was called "Thuva". If you pronounce "Duiven" in the dialect, then you hear the name "Thuva" there.

The place Loerbeek is located close to the German border in the provinse of Gelderland. Loerbeek is a small place close to Beek which is a boadertown (at the road A12 Utrecht-Oberhausen)

We own only bitches and we breed in all four Cavalier colours. Our first litter (was only one puppy) was born on the 20th of May 1993. There started our hobby. We breed only a couple of litters a year.
All the breeding stock is tested on heart, eyes, Patella Luxation and Syringomyelia (MRI'd).
Since 4th January 1994, our kennel is officially registered at the Dutch Kennelclub, Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch gebied in Nederland.

Besides our Cavaliers, we also have a Border Collie, named Meggan.
She is born in England at the Lonscale Farm and her official name is Meggan of Killiebrae. She is the leader of our dogs and if we go walking, she keeps the pack together. So for her, no sheep, but the Cavaliers.

Cavaliers in all four colours

We are member of the :
  • Dutch Cavalier Club
  • Kynologen Club Arnhem
  • Cavalier King Charles Gilde

Cavalier Vizier

The Cavalier Vizier

The 2 monthly club magazine of the Dutch Cavalier Club in the Dutch language with a lot of information about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, events with cavaliers, advertisements of breeders, plenty of pictures and much more, free for a membership of the Cavalier Club.

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